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Walt La Rue

We are pleased to announce that there is a new home for all Walt LaRue inquiries and featured art work!
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Walt LaRue Art Gallery
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A Bit of the West:
The Art and Life of Walt La Rue

The Life and Work of Walt La Rue (1918-2010) was honored with a special Opening Reception. Along with many of his art works, we also featured special pieces of Walt La Rue's, including his saddle, selected wardrobe, rodeo programs, photographs and more.

The exhibition of his life's work included paintings, cartoons, and woodblocks used in Levi Strauss' advertising campaign, continued throughout the month of April and was the featured art during First Thursday Art Walk, April 2011.

About our past Featured Artist
Walt La Rue

Walt La Rue, a rodeo cowboy during the 1940s and 1950s, belonged to the Cowboy's Turtle Association and the Rodeo Cowboy's Association. He was a Gold Card member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association.

He followed the shows from Salinas, California to Madison Square Garden, rode bulls and bareback broncs, was a good hand and could make his living going down the road.
While rodeo'n, Walt had the opportunity to work in the movies and became a stuntman working at both for a long time. When he wasn't robbing trains, chasing buffalo, or fighting the rustlers in the movies, he was going to the rodeos. In the mid 1950s, after riding the wild ones for a long time, he hung up his gear and bid the rodeos goodbye. He stayed with his movie career, although his stunts became tamer. He received several award including the 2007 Golden Boot, a Lifetime Membership in the Stuntmen's Association, and the 2004 America Cowboy Culture Award for All Around Cowboy Culture, (pictured above).

For many years, as an avocation, Walt was a free lance artist. He started drawing as a kid and continued doing it all his life. He drew cartoons for newspapers, magazines, and advertising agencies, for eight years he drew all the covers for the Rodeo Cowboy's Magazine, "The Buckboard." Weber's Bread and Levi Strauss were among his advertising accounts. He also illustrated books and for the last twenty years of his life he created fine art.

His paintings, all Westerns, are now in private collections, galleries, and museums all over the world. .Successful as this was, he still called the art work a "side line" and shared it with his many other interests.

Walt always said he was a "lucky man" --and he did the things he wanted to do.

This special exhibition continued through April 30, 2011

Please Note: Walt La Rue's name is often spelled Walt LaRue without the space between La and Rue. We have chosen to consistently use the spelling La Rue but you will find both spellings used on merchandise and in printed articles.

We are pleased to announce that there is a new home for all Walt LaRue inquiries and featured art work!
None of the images listed below are available through OutWest, and prices may have changed. Please contact:
Walt LaRue Art Gallery
Contact John Wilson, (818) 840-0539 (PST)

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