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Congratulations to The Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Western Music Association 2011 Winners:
Traditional Western Album by a Group or Duo: Blaze Across The West

Other Awards and Nominations
Winners of the 2008 Western Music Association Crescendo Award for Most Promising Talent!

Nominated by the Western Music Association
2011 Entertainer of the Year

Nominated by the Western Music Association:
2010 Outstanding Entertainer-Group


2010 Outstanding Instrumentalist-Female
Jean Sudbury - Fiddler

Filmed Concerts and Podcasts
Cowboys and Carols Concert
Filmed by SCVTV.com December 10, 2011
William S. Hart Museum

Click here for a link to a live performance by the award winning The Tumbling Tumbleweeds SCVTV.com filmed Saturday Dec. 10, 2011 sponsored by the Friends of Hart Park at the William S. Hart Museum. "Cowboy and Carols" is an annual evening celebrating Bill Hart's birthday and kicking off the Holiday Season. Held in his home's living room and gaily decorated for the holiday, this is an event not to miss!


SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
The Tumbling Tumbleweeds CD Release Concert November 13, 2010
From our Purveyors of Music:
We are thrilled and delighted to count the members of The Tumbling Tumbleweeds as friends. 
These performers are so talented, enthusiastic, and generous with their time. We are thrilled, and honored, for OutWest to host them for the Celebration of the Release of their 2nd CD, 'Blaze Across The West'. They performed here during our august 2009 Grand Opening and it seems only fitting to welcome them back for a celebration of their own. Follow the SCVTV.com link above to enjoy this filmed concert. This CD, Blaze Across The West, went on to win the prestigious 2011 Western Music Association Award for Traditional Western Album by a Duo or Group.

As their home base is very near ours, we enjoy seeing them perform as much as possible. If they come to your area you must make arrangements to see them! This group is composed of amazingly talented musicians, each one brings his or her talent to the whole. Close harmony, enthusiastic performers, their show is full of energy and toe tapping fun! Delightful stage presence - they do much more than sing! We guarantee you will have a rousing good time.

Winners of two prestigious 2008 awards: Academy of Western Artists Western Music Duo/Group of the Year Award and Western Music Association Crescendo Award for Most Promising Talent this group is going places and you'll want to be along for the ride. Buy their CD. Book them for your special event.

As their name suggests, The Tumbling Tumbleweeds are a tribute to the Silver Screen Cowboys such as The Sons of the Pioneers, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Although The Tumbling Tumbleweeds feel the Sons of the Pioneers are the "blue print" they do bring their very own unique brand of entertainment to the world of Western Music with a show complete with singing, humor, storytelling and a bit of fancy western footwork! They also write and perform their own original songs written and sung in the style of the Sons of the Pioneers!
It is also the mission of The Tumbling Tumbleweeds to reach and engage as many young people as possible so that the legacy of Western Music isn't lost in the midst of the ever declining state of "pop-culture" but can live on to the next generation of music lovers. With a blend of western heritage and movie nostalgia they are “Family Entertainment” through and through!

Meet The Tumbling Tumbleweeds:       
"Tumbleweed Rob" Wolfskill - Baritone

Rob was born in Los Angeles and currently resides in Lake Arrowhead, California. He is the Creator and Founder of the The Tumbling Tumbleweeds.

Rob wears many hats within his role as leader of The Tumbling Tumbleweeds in which he sings, performs and also co-writes songs for the group with band members Cade, Chris and R.J. Together they have also arranged and co-produced the group’s two albums. Rob is also an active member of the Western Music Association attending the monthly meetings and jam sessions that take place at the Autry National Center and conducting Performance Techniques Workshops for the WMA Youth Chapter.

Like the Western Music Association, Rob is fiercely dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of Western Music and the American West. Half Apache and with strong hereditary roots in the Southwest, Rob was raised with a love of the land and an appreciation of all the things that make us uniquely American. Rob was first introduced to the music of the Sons of the Pioneers by his folks who grew up with the old silver screen cowboys of the 30's , 40's and 50's. It has long been a dream of Rob's to bring this music to life and he feels truly blessed to have found three such talented men who share his love of this music. (Rob with Riders in the Sky)

"Big Cade" Parenti - Baritone

Cade is from Long Beach, California but he comes from a long line of ranchers from the Dakotas. Cade has a velvety baritone voice with a warm, rich sound that lends itself beautifully to this all male vocal trio.

Cade has always had a deep love of vocal harmony and choral music which, is one of the elements that most attracted him to Cowboy Music. Along with his love of the American West he also loves to "ring chords" as he puts it. Cade has a keen ear for music and is responsible for many of The Tumbling Tumbleweeds best vocal arrangements.

He has a heart and soul as big as the West itself and his rich heritage can be heard in every note he sings.

Chris Acuff- Tenor

Chris was born in Jackson, Tennessee, a land rich with the history of American music. He graduated with a masters degree in music and his musical expertise has proven to be an important element involved in creatiing The Tumblng Tumbleweed's sound.

He is indeed a relative, though distant of the late great Roy Acuff of country music fame and Chris follows in his footsteps as a singer of American folk music. Chris is a country boy living in the big city and he rounds out the Tumbling Tumbleweeds by bringing his infectious Southern sensibilities along with his beautiful tenor voice and dynamic performance style to the group.

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds are joined by Special Guests Jessie Olem on fiddle, Dan Dugan on bass, and David Elsenbroich on guitar. Fabulous musicians and really fun to watch live!

"Smoking Dan" Dungan: Bass

When Dan was about eight years old, his fathertook the family to the Flying W Ranch outside of Colorado Springs. It is a dude ranch with activities like fishing and horseback riding. Later, the ranch provided a great chuckwagon barbeque complete with a show by the Flying W Wranglers. Dan was hooked on cowboy boots and western music ever since!

After singing in church choir and playing the French horn as a youth Dan quit his job to be a musician, playing rock and roll on the electric bass. He soon forgot all about his earlier influences until one day about three years ago, while playing with One Night Stan at the Autry National Center. There was a jam in the courtyard with a couple ladies from San Francisco called “Sagebrush Swing.” Dan joined along the jam seeming to know this music intuitively. He vowed from that moment on to find a band to play western music with! It happened again at the Autry, where he met Tumbleweed Rob. Rob saw Dan thumping along on his bass at a jam with everyone who stepped up with a song and was amazed at how adeptly Dan played along with every song. Rob, who had been in search of a bass player to play with The Tumbling Tumbleweeds, invited Dan to record with them as a Guest Artist on The Tumbling Tumbleweeds' debut album. Dan eagerly agreed and, like Jean, has been a featured Guest Artist with The Tumbling Tumbleweeds ever since.

Jesse Olema - Fiddle

Jesse Olema is one of LA’s top emerging fiddlers. Jesse began playing at the age of five in Humboldt County California. Now, at 26 he works as a session musician, and live performing artist. You can see him throughout Southern California playing not only now with The Tumbling Tumbleweeds but also with, Fearmia, and The Dustbowl Cavaliers.

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds found Jesse playing in a jam circle at the Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Contest and Folk Music Festival this past May of 2011 and were instantly taken with his intuitively laid back style.

“Jesse has an uncanny knack of weaving in and out of a melody as if being beckoned by some alternate point of view of the song no one but he has ever considered. It is his own special

gift that we find stunning and we can’t wait for our audiences to be delighted by it as well!” says, Tumbleweed Rob Wofskill who was the first one to spot Jesse at the Topanga Festival. “Jesse has the heart and soul for Traditional American Music and we are so thrilled to have him playing with us!”

David Elsenbroich - Guitar

David Elsenbroich started playing guitar at the age of nine in his hometown of Redwood City, California. Though he started with classical guitar, David studied jazz in high school and then went on to receive two degrees in jazz guitar performance from the University of Southern California. It was there that he studied under world-renowned bebop and Western Swing guitarist Bruce Forman, who first introduced David to the music of Bob Wills.

“When I heard the guitar playing in Bob Wills’ music, I was shocked by how sophisticated their playing was, and I was instantly attracted to the high energy and playfulness of the style.”

Since graduating, David has made his living teaching and playing guitar in the Los Angeles area where he continues to focus on guitar styles from the 30’s and 40’s. He has his own traditional swing band, The Hi-Fi Honeydrops, and also plays everything from bluegrass to Western Swing. Now as a member of The Tumbliing Tumbleweeds David brings his Western Swing sensibilities as well as his classical American Guitar skills to the group and as Tumbleweed Rob puts it, "He's a dynamo!"

"BabyFace" R.J. Mills - Guitar

R.J. Mills is another native of Los Angeles with an ancestral background rooted deeply in the Southwest. His Mother, a classical concert soprano and father, a piano player are both from the great cowboy state of Texas.

His constant exposure to music flavored with the Southwestern background of his family make him a perfect addition to the Tumbling Tumbleweeds. The music is in his blood and it flows through him with no effort at all. To put it in his words, “It’s not enough just to know the words and music of these songs you have to have the feeling for them in your heart.”

R.J., a very well rounded musician, has been playing guitar since childhood. He has studied many genres from jazz to folk and everything in between and is equally adept at both rhythm and lead guitar.

"It is our belief that it is the “story” within each western song that makes it so uniquely western and gives it a life of its own. The cowboy era was an era of legend and folklore and it is that element of story that we Tumbleweeds wish to honor, as well as the integrity of the richly harmonious musical legacy of the Sons of the Pioneers themselves. Their sound transports us to a time and place that was so much more innocent and peaceful than that of our world today and it is that sound that drew us to their music and that which we also wish to carry on."
                                       - "Tumbleweed Rob" Wolfskill

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