The quest for the perfect belt … sound trivial?  Not to Terry Stack, founder of Terry Stack Limited, who has turned the average belt into a form of jewelry – a versatile accessory that can take an everyday outfit from the office to an evening out with just the change of a buckle.

As a former model and corporate executive, Terry knew that the look of her outfit was determined by how it was accessorized.  “My outfit never felt finished without a belt,"  she says. "As a result, my closet was full of belts – many in the same color.  I soon realized that what really changed the look of the belt was the buckle and thought, wouldn’t it be terrific if I could change the buckle as easily as I change my jewelry?”  With that and a little ingenuity, Terry Stack Limited was formed. 

Terry saw that the easiest solution was to design a buckle that slid on and off of a leather strap with a hidden Velcro closure.  With this design, another benefit was created – there were no holes.   The belt was sleek and clean, but still had adjustability allowing you to wear the belt at your natural waist or lower.  Using family and friends as a test market during the development process, it immediately became obvious that designing your own belt was really fun:   Laying out the straps and buckles – the possibilities were endless.   

Inspired by her love of travel, the beauty she sees in everyday things and now frequent requests, Terry’s collection continues to grow.  “I remember buying a wide, contour belt with a huge buckle that was so popular in the early 90’s.  For my $300 investment, I think I wore the belt three times before it went out of style,” remembers Terry.   “The advantage to my design is that you have fashion flexibility at an affordable price - you can choose to be trendy with just the purchase of a buckle or strap.  The financial commitment is minimal and because you can continually mix and match the pieces, you will never have a belt you no longer wear – For that $300 today, you could buy three straps, eight buckles and essentially have 24 different belts!” 

Conservative, trendy, understated  or bold - you decide - you’re the designer.  Create the look that works for you.

Designing your belt YOUR way is easy .... and fun!
Belts are a key accessory and now you can customize them. All our belts are equipped with a Velcro closure that allows you to inter-change buckles on straps-from bejeweled crystal ornaments to baroque  hardware-and different levels of adjustability, at your natural waist or lower. Here is a belt you can change as easily as your jewelry.

What size should I order?
Straps and buckles are designed for both men and women with many unisex styles.
Straps are sized for your natural waist.  If they are to be worn with dropped waist styles, please order a size larger.

Sizes: S(25-30),  M(27-32),  L(29-34),  XL(34-39),  2X(37-42),  3X(42-47)

How do I design my belt?

    Straps are Italian leather with a hidden velcro closure.

    Terry Stack's exclusive slide-on buckles make changing them a snap!

    The velcro closure allows for optimum adjustability and perfect fit.

Enjoy a "mix & match" system of interchangeable straps and buckles that allows you to design your belt your way!

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