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Syd Masters perseveres in building a legacy that enhances our understanding of Western Americana. Combining classic favorites with colorful songwriting, his music paints a vivid landscape of the emotions and dreams that move within each of us. The quality of this singer's melodies branch from his accomplished musicianship, adoration of the mountains and prairies he calls home, and an elevated warmth for those who dance, listen and smile along with his songs. He and his Swing Riders are a highly talented, thoroughly funny, good time cowboy band!

The youngest of four children in a family of musicians, Syd was cognizant of many styles of music at an early age. One can hear the influences of jazz, blues, classical, big band swing, gospel and folk all come together in his writing and arrangements of Western music.

On stage Syd performs his unique brand of unspoiled guitar playing intermingled with the occasional saxophone, concertina, clarinet, bass, piano, or percussion feature. He seldom leaves an audience waiting very long before busting into a lively chorus of energetic yodeling.

His recordings under the Vision label, "Cowboys on the Moon," "Live & Swingin'," "Sunset on the Rio Grande" and "Swingin' Around the Christmas Tree" have given birth to new audiences around the world. His newest work, {>}"The Cowboy Sings," is a compilation of recent songwriting and traditional classics.

Syd's timeless melody "Under New Mexico Skies" was given the honorable title of "Official Cowboy Song of the State of New Mexico" by Governor Bill Richardson. The New Mexico Music Industry has presented him with awards for "Country Song of the Year," "Best Vocal Performance," and "Most Humorous Song." His 2007 NMMI award for "Vocalist of the Year" made him the only person to ever win it twice. Syd has been seen on television commericals and billboards throughout the west as spokesman for the Powerball Lottery Campaign.

On the national scene both The Western Music Association and The Academy of Western Artists have awarded or nominated Syd numerous times for Best Male Vocalist, Best Western Swing Band, Best Album, Song, Songwriter and Entertainer.

Syd's rich lead vocals and humorous wit make for an unforgettable live performance. He prides himself in always presenting the appropriate show for each particular venue. Pulling from a seemingly endless repertoire of material, he'll keep folks dancing, laughing, and singing along.

What is most notable about Syd Masters is how greatly he treasures what he does. The accolades are but an added bonus for an individual who is simply doing what he was put on this earth to do. His sincere approach to his music adds a blossoming quality to the genre he so highly respects. Through live performances and recorded works, Syd passes on to the rest of us his ever growing contribution to the legacy of Western Music.

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