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SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series:
An Evening with Ray Doyle and Friends
Filmed June 25, 2011
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July 16, 2011 Podcast, "Around the Barn" KHTS 1220 AM
Ray Doyle Writes:

I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and spent my early childhood there at a time when draught horses still shared the road with automobiles and bicycles. The coal we heated our house with was delivered by wagon, and “tinkers” carts came down our road to trade toys or a few pennies for jars, scrap metal, and other recyclables. I was very lucky to experience life in a thousand year old city where my aunt could raise a few pigs, and my family could have chickens and a large vegetable garden. The second part of my young life was spent in rural Ontario, Canada, where I spent hours wandering the fields and woods, developing a lasting love and appreciation of the natural world.

For the last twenty years I have traveled the American West, and beyond. Through Wylie & the Wild West I have immersed myself in the life and lore of cowboy and Western culture. My goal is to keep experiencing the West with a newcomer’s point of examine its beauty, history, challenges, and possibilities with fresh perspective. If I have a contribution to Western music, I think it’s through an exploration of the emigrant/immigrant experience. My solo CD, The Emigrant Trail is my first step on this path.

From our Purveyor of Music:
We attended a "house concert" recently hosted by Bob and Marie Mann of Big Hat Productions. What a wonderful evening! Not only did we enjoy a fantastic barbecue dinner and sparkling conversation among other Westerners, we had a full evening of great entertainment. Local performer, Michael Tcherkassky kicked off the evening, followed by Ray Doyle and poet Gary Robertson. The award winning and, thoroughly charming, Juni Fisher was our headliner. What a night!

Ray Doyle has been a long-standing member of another of our favorite groups, Wylie and the Wild West. Here, it was just Ray and his guitar...and his rich stories set to music. When he was a mere lad, his family emigrated from Ireland to Southern Ontario, Canada and later to California. His music is inspired by his personal experiences, and both the true stories and myths of the West. We hope you will enjoy his CD as much as we do.

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