Meet Randall Reese
Here, in Randy’s own words, is a bit about himself:

“I was born in the middle of the last century, on December 1, 1951. Lucky from the start in the San Francisco Bay Area. My earliest memory is using my older brother’s building blocks to make a rather complicated grouping of these multi-colored and shaped bits of wood. I think I was about two years old. I recall being both delighted and frustrated as I struggled to assemble those old blocks in just the right order. It foretold something I would do from then on. If you think about making art, be it painting, drawing, sculpting or using words, it is indeed putting things together in the proper order. More simply stated, "Taking something that isn’t, and making it is."

Though my training is that of a musician, my obsession falls far closer to that of an artist. If I don’t spend at least half the hours of the day pursuing art, thoughts of missed opportunities plague my sleep. This all transpires without obligation. I lovingly do what makes me happy.”

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