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Thursday, July 9, 2015
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Meet Jim Christina
Jim Christina is no stranger to the entertainment world. For years he played with a popular acoustic vocal group in the Seattle/Tacoma area in Washington State. The band Sundown became a name in the field until Jim moved back to Southern California. In 2008 Jim began writing a series of books about an Arizona Man Hunter in the 1880’s which has now snowballed into 11 novels and coming. With titles like “Requiem for an Appaloosa”, “The Dark Angel”, “Contraband Cowboys”, “Taggert”,  “Still Waters” and most recently, "The Return" with forwards by both Bobbi Jean Bell and JR Sanders. Any lover of western stories would appreciate the realism and grit these novels contain. Having been a frequent guest on ‘Around the Barn’ with Bobbi Bell and Nancy Zee, Jim quickly picked up on the tempo and immediacy of live radio. So, with conversations with Bobbi Bell to join him as Co-Host and Russ Aveson (no stranger to talk radio either) to come in as occasional guest host, he decided to launch “The Writer’s Block” a series of conversations with writers of fiction, non fiction, music, poetry, history and, well pretty much whatever people write and for what reasons. Wanting to keep the format loose and fun, Bobbi and Jim opted for a relaxed format to allow the writer to express themselves in their own way, with Jim and Bobbi steering the course. Jim and Bobbi think this is a wonderful opportunity to allow writers their say, the audience to learn what makes the writers tick and let the public know where they are going in the future.

In His Own Words:
Not much about me is pertinent...I am an avid equestrian and used my Appaloosa horse as the model for Horse. The Hunter now also rides a pinto horse named Bandit and he is also my horse...I like to put my horses in because I know their personalities. I am also a living historian of the Old West and constantly strive to put every part of my knowledge into my writing. I travel to Southeast Arizona regularly, specifically, Tombstone and Bisbee are my favorites. Every bit of tack I use in my everyday riding is authentic to the period of 1840-1890 from my half-seat drovers' saddle to my replica 1859 McClellan and gear along with the weapons I own including a brace of Colt revolvers, an 1873 Winchester Border rifle in 40-44 and an 1892 Winchester carbine in .45 LC.

I write to tell the stories that have been swimming in my brain for a lot of years. I hope that as you, the readers, get into my books you'll enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Bobbi Jean and Jim
2013 Buckaroo Book Shop

From our Purveyor of Books:
Jim has been an active participant in all of OutWest's author events from our very beginning! Beginning with his appearance at the 2010 Buckaroo Book Shop, Jim has been with us every year at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. In addition, he has been part of our panel discussions and book talks. Everytime he has a new book published we invite him to join us on Around The Barn to hear the details. Just recently, he invited me to write the foreword to his newest book - Dark Angel. What an honor! Here's what I wrote: 
 The Dark Angel  
Foreword by Bobbi Jean Bell
The righteous are headed toward life, but those who pursue evil, toward death.
---Proverbs 11:19 Common English Bible

When longtime friend, fiction author Jim Christina, first told me about his work-in-progress, The Dark Angel, I was intrigued. Over the years I have read Jim’s books with enthusiasm and delight, usually with a cup of coffee at hand, a comfortable chair, and a favorite Western music CD providing the soundtrack.  Through the years I have enjoyed the adventures of The Hunter and Jeff Stryker set in the landscape of Arizona and other parts West that Jim knows so well. His characters are always well formed, and growing, their challenges not always the usual, and the outcome not always the expected. In other words – traveling through Arizona in the 1880’s with Jim’s characters is a journey frought with challenges, obstacles, and sometimes heartache – but mostly it’s an adventure with a surprise around every corner!

A phone call from Jim is always unexpected, entertaining, and thought provoking. It was an honor to hear about Contraband Cowboys when it was still in the planning process. And, since he knew I have a keen interest in the swirling events of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, it was another unexpected delight to hear his plans for what became, Bugles in the Sun. A frequent guest on the weekly radio show I co-host, “Around the Barn” on KHTS 1220 AM, Jim has shared his latest titles with our listeners and its always a fast paced and interesting hour!

This brings us full circle to The Dark Angel. I’ve read it. Not with a cup of coffee but with a glass of wine. Not with a favorite Western music CD but with the soundtrack of Carmina Burana and  a touch of Ennio Morricone for relief. Not in the comfortable chair, but in my favorite rocker – with the stiff back and rockers so I can let off steam. This is a page turner – part  mystery, part morality play,  part adventure, and part “buddy” story. It’s riveting, it’s wild and it’s a Western. Draw the blinds. Put the kids to bed. Turn off the distractions of your world and ride into Arizona with Jeff Styker and The Hunter. They are tracking Deacon Rev. T. Joshua Spellman and you are riding along. Saddle up and enjoy the journey!

The photos are of Jim and his delivery of the newly published The Dark Angel to my husband, Jim, and me  at OutWest on Saturday, July 27, 2013...on National Day of the Cowboy and OutWest's 4th anniversary. What a great gift!

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March 23, 2013 It's All About Western Fiction from the Pen of Author Jim Christina
Author Jim Christina returns for a third visit to "Around the Barn" with his wife Gerry. We chat about horses and life on the Western frontier. Christina's latest novel, A Long Ride To Morning, is a prequel to the Hunter Tales. In this new novel we meet good friends, Bobby Malloy and Jeff Styker, and follow their journey from "young men" to "manhood." Jim, as always, entertains us with the characters he's created and the stories they inhabit. Music from Tom Corbett, Tonight I Ride and Mountain Saddle Band, The Heart of a Cowboy.

Host Team: Nancy, Bobbi Jean and Mike on the board
L-to-R Nancy Pitchford, Jim Christina, Bobbi Jean Bell

June 16, It's All About Art and Custer

Join in studio guests, artist Cecily Willis and author Jim Christina. Cecily Willis, one of OutWest's Featured Artists discusses what inspires her wonderful watercolor artwork. Jim Christina talks about his new book Bugles in the Sun and the final days of Custer's 7th Calvary command.
L-R Jim Christina, Host Bobbi Jean, Artist Cecily Willis

February 19, 2011 Author Jim Christina and Documentary Film Maker, Joyce Fitzpatrick.

im announces the publication of his book about African American Cowboys in the Arizona, Contraband Cowboys.
Joyce Fitzpatrick shares the story of Stagecoach Mary - African American stagecoach driver Mary Fields.

L-R Joyce Fitchpatrick, Bobbi Jean, Jim Christina

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