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Bob Brill is an award winning journalist, broadcaster and author of the western novel series; "Lancer; Hero of the West." He is a member of the Western Writers of America and SAG-AFTRA and is currently a news anchor person at KNX1070 News Radio in Los Angeles. Bob's interests and expertise runs a wide gamut as a screenwriter, author and historian. His western novel series details the adventures of the fictional Lancer who is a good-guy gunslinger working out of Tombstone in the 1880's. His travels take him so far to Prescott, AZ and Los Angeles, CA, with the third book (underway) an adventure to Santa Fe, NM. A well educated, and world traveled gun for hire, Lancer is known for using his brains first, brawn second and only if needed does he use his gun. And he is a crack shot.
Brill, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, grew up in the San Fernando area, graduating from Sylmar High School and spending a lot of time in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Los Angeles Affair takes place mostly in this same area. Brill's journalistic career, especially at UPI, has led him to cover presidents, entertainment including nine Academy Award Shows and major sporting events. Among them the 1988 World Series, several Super Bowl Games and the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. His screenplay "Major League Stripper" based on the life of Valley-ites burlesque queen Patti Waggin and her husband, major league ballplayer, Don Rudolph, is currently in the Finals of the 2016 Beverly Hills Film Festival Screen Writing Competition.

His recently released short film; "Radio Play - An Homage to Old Thyme Radio" was named "Best of LA" as most creative short film, his music video (Lancer; Hero of the West), co-written by Oscar and Grammy winners, is currently on YouTube. Bob lives with his wife in the San Fernando Valley.

Click here to read his updates on his original Western Novel Series "Lancer; Hero of the West.

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