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Antoinette Lane, author of Guy Williams: The Man Behind the Mask,  is an artist, writer, and mother of four. She grew up in Amite, Louisana where she is known as Annette Girgenti (Lane.) After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana College in 1965 with a BA in Fine Arts, she was a Graphic Illustrator for The Boeing Company, New Orleans, where the first stage of the Saturn V rockets were built, and received honors for her work on the NASA-Apollo team that helped put man on the moon. In the 1970s she and her actor husband settled in Los Angeles and raised their family. This is Antoinette's first published book.
She writes this Author's Note, found on page 495, about her book:
     This book is a tribute to Guy Williams, a unique talent and individual. It is written to celebrate Guy's life, and to give insight into his personality so people who didn't get the chance to meet him could get to know him.
     To know and love Guy's work is to love him.  When a man is constantly described as good, humorous, kind, wonderful, sensitive, gentle, loving, and always a gentleman, you know he is loved no matter what his human imperfections. It takes a specia person with a bright light within to do that, and Guy Williams was that kind of special human being. They don't come around too often.
     Ashley, a 12-year old Zorro fan, who posted to my internet Guest list, so eloquently reminds us: "When I watch Zorro, I always remember that it is not the man behind the mask who makes Zorro, it's the heart of the man that makes Zorro."

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