Randall Reese: Mustang Fastback SALE

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Randall Reese: Mustang Fastback SALE
Mustang Fastback
An original art work by Randy K. Reese

Purveyor's Sale
Now $3.50 Now $.95

From our Automotive Purveyor:
Have your every noticed how the West and the Auto are intertwined? Mustang, Pinto, Pontiac, Thunderbird...ever notice where most of the commercials are filmed...deserts, canyons, long winding roads. Think about it. Interesting connection...freedom, romance, adventure. Words and images used to promote both the West and the Auto, dude ranches and national parks. 
Randy takes us to a car show. Hoods and trunks are up. Mustang Fastback shimmers and shines in the sun...hours of prep before this show. She's a beauty. Hopefully a trophy before the day is through!

The Fastback image nearly fills the entire 8.5" long x 5.5" height blank note card. Original Price $3.50
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Our Price:$0.95
Availability: ASAP
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