BKFCT D.B. Jackson: Unbroke Horses, Radio Guest, Special Order

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BKFCT D.B. Jackson: Unbroke Horses, Radio Guest, Special Order

 Unbroke Horses
 D. B. Jackson
 2010 Goldminds Publishing, LLC

Author Dale Jackson at the Buckaroo Book Shop
Rendezvous With A Writer OutWest
Photo 2016 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival

Meet Author Dale B. Jackson
June 25, 2015, LA Talk Radio
The Writer's Block Radio Show
Hosts Jim Christina and Bobbi Jean Bell (photo)

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Unbroke Horses was an immediate Goldminds Publishing best seller and went on to be recognized with these awards:

2012 Western Heritage Wrangler Award
2012 Will Rogers Medallion Award
2013 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award
        Laramie Award
2013 Eric Hoffer Award
2013 deVinci Eye Award Finalist

Rendezvous with a Writer
2014 Buckaroo Book Shop
Words with a Wrangler Award Winner
D.B. Jackson chats with Bobbi Jean Bell

(L) Photo Courtesy of Cindy Quiqley

From the Author:
Fourtheen-year old Matthew Stanford is kidnapped, bound about the neck with a rawhide lace, and kept barely alive by three deviant Civil War deserters who terrorize a small Montana town. His ultimate confrontation with his kidnappers is a harrowing experience that threatens to set his life on a course no better than that of those whose evil he despises.

His only chance of redemption lies with a small band of unbroke horses. This dark tale has been described as a "gut-wrenching ride out of the shadows into the twilight."

From the Publisher:
Three Civil War deserters, dispossessed of all virtue and living on the fringe of humanity, kidnap a young boy with the sole purpose of conscripting him into their degenerate band of misfits. Tethered about the neck with a rawhide lace and made to bid the commands of General Ike Smith, the boy's survival depends upon his ability to adapt to their malevolent ways a lesson he learns quickly. He abandons the teachings of his clergyman father, and embraces the mindless violence to which he is exposed. For all he finds distasteful in the three men he has grown to despise, he also finds he has an unexplained affinity for the power that resides in the violence that defines them. The boy's life, cast into darkness and evil, promises no chance for salvation. His single opportunity for redemption may well lie with an old Indian horse trainer and a small band of "unbroke" horses.

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Meet author Dale B. Jackson

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