BKET Antoinette Girgenti Lane: Guy Williams: The Man Behind the Mask SIGNED

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BKET Antoinette Girgenti Lane: Guy Williams: The Man Behind the Mask SIGNED
BKET Antoinette Girgenti Lane: Guy Williams: The Man Behind the Mask SIGNED
Guy Williams: The Man Behind the Mask
2nd Edition, 2008
Author: Antoinette Girgenti Lane


From our Purveyor of Books:
We were excited to have Antoinette Lane with us again this year for the 2014 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. If you couldn't attend but would like an autographed copy of the book, we have one ready for you! Click on the photo to see Antoinette (in the cowboy hat) as she appeared at the 2009 Buckaroo Book Shop.

I had the pleasure of meeting Antoinette in November of 2005, shortly after the first edition of this thoroughly engaging and exhaustively researched book was  published.  She is passionate about her subject, Guy Williams, known the world over as Zorro. Casually watching an episode of Zorro on the Disney Channel in 1988, she found herself captivated by his "dazzling smile and charm" and before long she was wondering what had happened to him. Unable to find out very much she decided "Someone should write a book about him!" And...that thought changed her life.
Over the next several years, Antoinette found doors open for her in unexpected ways. She was given access to the people nearest and dearest to Guy Williams, this book is as much their story as it is his. As she artfully weaves the fabric of his life, you learn that he was not only Zorro but so much more...husband, father, loyal friend, entertainer, backyard astronomer...well, you have to read it to discover the whole story!

From the Book Jacket:
Out of the night...comes a beloved actor and family man known as Guy Williams. Star of Walt Disney's most engaging action series, Zorro, Guy was and is adored by millions of fans to this day. His heroic image of charm and romantic flair has never been tarnished.

In the 1960s, he traded in his mask and sword to explore the cosmos in Lost in Space, the ultimate cult sci-fi show of its generation.

Now, comes the true story of The Man Behind the Mask. Go behind the scenes at Disney Studios, and meet Guy Williams: icon, father, and TV's swashbuckling patriarch.

What Others are Saying:
Finally through diligent research, the full story is told. The Zorro section is especially well done...a superlative biography on the popular star of Zorro and Lost in Space.   -Laura Wagner/Classic Images
...I didn't want it to end. It was like having the opportunity to enter Guy Williams' world and spend time with Guy and his family.   -Gerry Dooley, author of The Zorro Television Companion: A Critical Appreciation

Thanks for taking me back to the "good old days." It was pleasant, amusing, informative and quite insightful.     -
Tony Russo (Russel) actor from Zorro
I could not put the book down. I worked with Guy, but after I read your comprehensive biography, I realized I did not know him at all. Through the written word you have brough him back to life for me.
Suzanne Lloyd, actress from Zorro

Paperback. 513 pages. B&W Photos. Film, TV, and Personal Appearance List. Endnotes. Index. Approx. weight 2 lbs. Ships from OutWest USPS Priority Mail.

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