A SALE Apache: Petroglyph Pendant Deer SALE

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A SALE Apache: Petroglyph Pendant Deer SALE
A SALE Apache: Petroglyph Pendant Deer SALE
Petroglyph Pendant on Sinew
Apache Handmade
Gloria Beltran

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Approx. 2" tall x 1.5" wide rawhide pendant with handpainted deer petroglyph accented with turquoise bead suspended on 28" sinew cord. One-of-a-kind created and handpainted by Apache artisan Gloria Beltran. Approx. shipping weight is 2 oz. 

Note on Petroglyphs:
From the book Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Petroglyphs comes this information:
"Game Hunting: Bighorn sheep, deer, and other large game are depicted very frequently in Southwestern rock art. These petroglyphs may have been related to hunting-perhap made to encourage the fertility of the animals, to promote or record success in hunting or to indicate good hunting sites. Images, like this animal design, are often found in the Central part of Utah."
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