A Iroquois Necklace: Arrowhead on Leather

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A Iroquois Necklace: Arrowhead on Leather

Arrowhead on Leather
Iroquois Native American Made
Geniune Arrowhead

Each Arrowhead on Leather strip is unique, photo is of three, each is sold separately. Wear around your neck on a cord of approximately 24" of leather. Each comes in a plastic bag with an information card that reads:

"Arrowheads: Native American hunters relied on arrowheads such as te one you are wearing to obtain the necessitites of everyday life. When shot skillfully from a bow, an arrowhead would fell animals such as deer, rabbits, and caribou. A successful hunt provided meat for food and hides for clothing and shelter."

Image is of three unique arrowheads to give you a sense of how each is unique and will vary from the photo here. Shipping weight is approximately 3 oz.
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