A CD John Bergstrom: Western State O'Mind, Radio Guest, SCVTV OutWest Concert

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A CD John Bergstrom: Western State O'Mind, Radio Guest, SCVTV OutWest Concert
A CD John Bergstrom: Western State O'Mind, Radio Guest, SCVTV OutWest Concert A CD John Bergstrom: Western State O'Mind, Radio Guest, SCVTV OutWest Concert A CD John Bergstrom: Western State O'Mind, Radio Guest, SCVTV OutWest Concert
  Western State O' Mind
Songs from and about the American West
John Bergstrom
Released 2007
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Singer, Songwriter John Bergstrom Radio Podcast
Campfire Cafe on Equestrian Legacy Radio
April 20, 2017, Click here for podcast
April 21, 2016, Click here for podcast
The Writer's Block Radio Show
LA Talk Radio
Thursday, July 16, 2015, Click here for podcast

2014 SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with John Bergstrom's Western State of Mind

Filmed August 21, 2014
Click here for Concert Link

From our Purveyor of Music and Poetry:
Here's partial lyrics from my personal favorite track:
  "...the red bench was Trigger. My side kick was the chair. 
   That's Hoppy on the TV screen huntin' for the bandit's lair
   ...Gene Autry on Saturdays...Roy Rogers after school
   Red Rider on the radio...The Lone Ranger too"
  -Partial lyrics from Latchkey Cowboy

One of the things I enjoy most about my "work" is participating as an audience member at Western music and poetry performances. We are blessed to be located in an area that attracts many top Western musicians. What is really exciting is when you discover rich talent among your neighbors and friends. John Bergstrom is a local treasure. He is an active member of the local WMA chapter and can be heard at the local jam sessions held twice a month at a favorite (and terrific) Mexican restaurant, El Trocadero and faithfully participates in the monthly jam session held at the Autry National Center.

John writes and sings about the rich history of our area, the Santa Clarita Valley. The infamous Californio bandit, Tiburcio Vasquez, called this area home. The tragedy of the St. Francis Dam, and the loss of 500 lives, is the subject of another of his songs. John writes about what he knows, what has impacted him, and what has shaped our nation's history.

We are pleased to bring this local Western musician, and friend, to a national and international audience. Enjoy! 

From singer/songwriter John Bergstrom:
I'm a child of the west...the far west...Los Angeles. I'm a city kid who has always loved the open spaces. I was raised on cowboy movies and western displays at museums wherever I could find them.

A few years ago, I attended a concert performed by Michael Fleming's group, New West. There began my journey with the WMA (Western Music Association). I was invited to a Sunday jam and I began to learn and write Western music.

I've been involved with music all my life and have touched western music at various times. It's been these last few years, however, in which I focused on this form of traditional music to the exclusion of others. During this time, I played with two or three groups and began to write and work on my own CD, "Western State O'Mind." I look forward to the days ahead and plan to continue writing and performing and spreading the good news of western music. "Western State O'Mind" is a combination of original and traditional songs.


1.   Tiburcio Vasquez
2.   1876 (A Poem)
3.   Western State O'Mind
4.   Streets of Laredo
5.   St. Francis Dam
6.   Springtime in Texas
7.   The Yellow Rose of Texas
8.   Old Paint
9.   Jesse James
10. The Red Rocks of Sedona
11.  Latchkey Cowboy
12.  Red River Valley
13.  Dogies' Lament
14.  Cowboy Waltz

Links to "Around the Barn" Radio Podcasts featuring John Bergstrom
April 6, 2013 It's All About Butterfield Stage
Show Hosts: Nancy, Bobbi Jean, Julie, Mike on the board
Singer/Songwriter John Bergstrom joins us in the studio. Butterfield Stage, his newest CD, was named in the top 30 of Western CDs on the air waves!

January 5, 2013 It's All About  New CD "Butterfield Stage" by John Bergstrom
We are joined in the studio, live, with Singer/Songwriter and Performer John Bergstrom. His newest CD, Butterfield Stage, includes an original theme song for Heads Up Therapy On Horseback as well as songs sharing his love of the West and its legendary characters, events, and locales. The launch of this CD will be celebrated with a concert at OutWest on January 26, 2013.

September 15, 2012 It's All About Rattlesnakes and Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary
Western singer/performer  John Bergstrom stops by and  we premiere the title track of his new, soon to be released CD "Butterfield Stage." Western Music Association California Chapter President, Gency Brown, shares exciting news for the "Around the Barn" team!

 March 10, 2012 It's All About Singin' and Ropin'!
Western singer/songwriter and performer Terry Brown joins us live in the studio and he's joined by Hilda Machado, trick and fancy roper, who is also his better half. Local Western musician John Bergstrom joins us and performs his tribute song to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Your hosts are Mike Dowler, Julie Pomilia, and Bobbi Jean. This is a fun, fast paced hour! (photo #2, Terry Brown, Hilda Machado, Julie Pomilia, John Bergstrom)

October 1, 2011 podcast of a live, in-studio interview with John Bergstrom, STAMPEDE! and Soroptimists Sue Reynolds and Jo Ann Vindigni.

 "Around the Barn" in the studio, June 25, 2011.
Live, in-studio interview with John Bergstrom, cowboy poet Joe Herrington, and singer/songwriter Trish Lester. June 25, 2011

Follow these links for Live Concerts Filmed at OutWest

2013 SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with John Bergstrom and Western State of Mind

CD Release Celebration and Concert
Butterfield Stage
Click here for link to Concert filmed January 26, 2013

This is a special evening with singer/songwriter and performer John Bergstrom as we celebrate the release of his 4th album, Butterfield Stage. Bergstrom is joined by musicians Tom Corbett, Gency Brown, John Nelson, and David Jackson who all performed on the CD. This collection of  new songs, mostly penned by Bergstrom, celebrate the West of history, romance, and the Silver Screen. This concert was made possible by our sponsors, SCVTV and the Western Music Association California Chapter.

2010 SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with John Bergstrom

Filmed Friday, October 1, 2010

Click here for the link to the Concert

Meet John Bergstrom and Western State of Mind

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A CD John Bergstrom: Butterfield Stage, Radio Guest, SCVTV OutWest Concert
A CD John Bergstrom:

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