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OutWest Hour Radio Show #27 National Park Adventure

Join me, Bobbi Jean Bell, your "OutWest Scout," for a musical adventure that takes us from Eastern California to Wyoming and Arizona and on to Northern California. We'll explore the jewels of our National Parks. Our trail mix is one part Death Valley, one part Yellowstone, one part Grand Canyon, and one part Yosemite. Imagine you are enjoying this savory snack as the sun rises or sets, or under a full moon and star studded sky. Grab your favorite beverage (I suggest water), put on your best hiking boots and sun protection as we are leaving the famous Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley. I've got the trail mix and the map - let's go!
Scenic view of "Returning from Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon" by In The Lens Photography

Our musical journey begins and ends with the classic, iconic Western song, "Ghost Riders in the Sky," written by Park Ranger Stan Jones while working at Death Valley National Monument in 1947. Little did he know that he composed one of the most recorded and performed songs of all time. 
1. Ghost Riders in the Sky - Allen & Jill Kirkham - CD Cowboy Classics
2. A Death Valley Day - Old West Trio - CD What's Left of the West
3. Wyoming: Jewel of the West - LeeLee Robert - CD Jewel of the West
4. Yellowstone Poem - Jerry Bell - CD Forever West
5. The Jewel - Ray Doyle - CD Emigrant Trail
6. Yellowstone Winds - Open Range - CD Yellowstone Winds
7. Ride Through the Country - Bob Corley - CD Buckles, Boots and Cowboy Roots
8. Grand Canyon Cowboy - Rusty McCall - CD Masters of Poetry, Vol. 2
9. On The Trail - Miss Devon and the Outlaw - CD Plains, Trains and AlsoBobWills
10. You Couldn't Buy That View - Joyce Woodson - CD Living The Western Dream
11. The Ballad of John Muir - Black Irish Band - CD Into The Forest
12. Spirit of Yosemite - Rich Price - CD Spirit of Yosemite
13. High Sierra - L.K. Potts - CD Gone West
14. Smoke of 1000 Campfires - Bill Ganz Western Band - CD Ridin' The Arizona Trail
15. Ghost Riders In The Sky - Wylie & The Wild West - CD 2000 Miles From Nashville
Book and CD Covers from this show
OutWest Hour Radio Show Playlist CD Covers June 1, 2019

About The OutWest Hour
Bobbi Jean Bell is an award winning radio host and your "OutWest Scout" taking you on a journey through the WEST by sharing the music, poetry, and prose inspired by its history, landscape, and people. Hand selecting each track of the playlist, Bobbi chooses from her personal collection of Western, Western Swing, Cowboy Country, Historical, Folk, Americana, Roots, Film and Broadway music searching for just the right song or poem to explore a Western theme. 

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